user interface

The primedex® user interface is a modern web app developed in java. The web app allows the display of individual pages on multiple monitors.
Access to the web app is controlled using tokens (JWT).


The primedex® database is logically divided into several tablespaces. These are:
- Transactions
- Clients
- Static Data
The administration of the data in the Static Data tablespace can be automated to the global product database through its link to revendex.
The application primedex® is database agnostic. It supports Oracle and PostGres.

calculation engine

Thanks to caching technology the Calculation Engine delivers high performance in computing ratios. For example, the calculation of the initial margin of x-portfolios happen in less than a second. Each part of the Calculation Engine can be accessed via a web service.


Thanks to its API and the usage of FIXML for transactions, primedex® offers easy access to exchanges and brokers.
Connections based on the FIX protocol can be implemented easily.
primedex® contains a full clearing interface to EUREX and ECC.

global product database

The global product database provides the necessary contract, series, regulatory and settlement price information for the management of transactions in primedex®. The service is an integral part of primedex® and can also be connected to processing any third party application through it's web API's.